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AstroSat Uv Deep Field

AstroSat UV Deep Field consists of two fields – one in the south called the AUDFs centered on the GOODS-south and another in the north centered on the GOODS-north, called AUDFn. The observations for AUDFs were carried out in two fields each with 50000 sec. and in two filters, F154W and N242W of UVIT/AstroSat during Oct. 2016.

A similar set of observations were carried out for AUDFn but in three filters – F154W, N242W and N245M.

One of the major goals of these observations is to hunt for the ionizing radiation from distant galaxies, in particular low-mass galaxies from redshift 1< z < 2.


Top panel: A comparison of the AUDFs with GALEX deep field. Bottom panel: Four color image of the AUDFs.